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CFR Director Ion Gavrila investigated by DNA

The huge contracts awarded by CFR SA to ALSTOM are investigated by DNA.

22 ian, 2019 | ECONOMICA.net

The prosecutors are checking the way in witch those contracts were awarded and also the personal business relations between Gabriel Stanciu, Alstom Manager and Ion Gavrila, the CFR Director.

Informations, given by judiciary sources, are about Gabriel Stanciu and the big ammounts of money that he used to obtain this contracts in Romania. Considering that the contracts are financed by EU money, there is a high risk that Romania will loose hundred of millions of euro in this unclear ALSTOM - CFR relation. All the procedures and the files related to the huge contracts between ALSTOM and CFR are investigated by DNA.

The prosecutor received lately also serious financial information from France. All came up after a simple car accident from Strehaia (between Severin and Craiova) from October, 13th, 2018. After this accident, the prosecutors found that Ion Gavrila, CFR Director was driving a Dacia Duster car with plate number B92 CPP, the final user of the car being ALSTOM TRANSPORT.

Alstom runs the most profitable - and equally, the most delayed - contracts in Romania with CFR SA: the rehabilitation of the Coşlariu-Micasasa (electrification, electricity supply, telecom) segments, Simeria-Vintu de Jos (electrification, telecoms, passenger information system) and km 614-Curtici segment (electrification, signaling).

Summarized, the projects exceed 900 million euros and generates huge delays, so the situation has led to substantial losses of funds from the former European financial year 2007 - 2013. Not being completed in time, the projects were phased in the new European exercise 2014-2020 and practically entered the new European funds that could have been used on new projects. Although he did not deliver the projects in time, Alstom wants to get a new huge contract.

It is about 28 km of railways, which is the subject of a rehabilitation plan of almost 650-700 million Euro, between the localities of Căţa and Apata, on the Braşov-Sighişoara part of the Pan-European Cordon IV, where the new route will be heavily modified and three tunnels will be built.

For these contracts, Alstom has also moved the war to courts, using a patented company model all over the world. And this is because despite the pressures of the French giant, in the summer CFR SA officials announced that the association Brasig Strabag -Swietelsky won the tender for the modernization of subsections Brasov - Apaţa and Căţa - Sighişoara, located on the Brasov - Sighişoara section, with an offer of 3.143 billion lei (almost 700 million euros) without VAT.

Alstom lodged an appeal with the Tribunal and requested that the act should be cancelled.

On October 19th, the judges gave the solution, rejecting Alstom's claim as unfounded, according to current legislation, but the French company made an appeal.

It is interesting that, just one month after CFR SA's accident, on November 23, 2018, Alstom won an enormous contract of 322 million euros, according to clubferoviar.ro: rehabilitation plan (2c) Cap Y Ilteu - Gurasada, located on Priority Axis TEN-T 22 (Rhine-Danube Corridor, Nordic Branch) Nuremberg-Prague-Vienna-Budapest-Curtici-Simeria-Brasov-Bucharest -Constanta.





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